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MEDICARE AND CAREGIVING: A Caregiver's Guide to Medicare

Mya Likens - Caregiver Program Coordinator

U of L Trager Institute Caregiver Program

Free Caregiver Program - They have a grant to help caregivers!  Case Management and More...Contact her at 502-588-3322 Now!  (click link or put in browser window)

Monica Evans Stewart- CEO - Transitions Caregiver Solutions

502-599-2198 [email protected]

Nurse Patricia Wright - 502-813-1536 [email protected]

I have a listing of private caregivers in the Kentuckiana Area. Please contact me for the list  [email protected] or see the contact box.

Caregiver Agency: Altruistic-N-Home Care and Companionship...502-435-8070...Owner - Towanda Splunge

​​30 years Experience

Stephanie Powell  - Help with Healthcare and Insurance information at Jencare

Jencare Specialist


KIPDA - Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency (KIPDA.ORG)

Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Human Resources

(Note: If you are not in Kentucky Google Information for your state or contact me for help to find resources in your state}

Mesothelioma Guide - Nicole Winch

[email protected]

Kentucky Family Caregiver Alliance and Nationwide - Family Caregiver Alliance - National Center on Caregiving

(Kentucky resources and nationwide your state): (link below) -


Can Family Caregivers get paid? 42 of 48 states allow some family members under limited circumstances to be paid

see the link below and check with your state. Kentucky and Indiana are two of the states that may allow family caregivers to be paid...see the list noted in the article for your state        What states allow family caregivers to get paid?

Home Care Services

Programs that Pay Children to Care for their Aging Parents

Paying for Senior

Memory Care

Facilities ( Memory Care

Facilities help families who have loved ones

with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Through our free search and nationwide database toolof memory care facilities, families who are in

need of memory care for their loved ones are able to find licensed

care homes and communities in their location which are best equipped

to take care of their loved ones.